A-Level - Biology

CGP A2 Biology - AQA

CGP A2-Level Biology AQA Revision Guide

This book is full of clear notes and exam-style practice questions covering every A2 Biology topic for the AQA exam board.

The whole thing is designed to make revision straightforward — everything you need to know is explained simply and thoroughly, helped by full-colour diagrams. It includes sections on How Science Works and Practical and Investigative Skills. There is also a sprinkling of jokes to lighten the mood. It is exactly what you need to prepare for your exams!

For the Edexcel course see CGP A2 Biology - Edexcel.

For the OCR course see CGP A2 Biology - OCR.

For the combined AS and A2 book see CGP AS/A2 Biology - AQA.

Also available for the Kindle.

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